Performance ID

The Key to bring out your best is in your genes!

With your performance ID you can go beyond your limits to reach your goals in sports. Scientific studies have shown that a sprinter has a 5x higher chance of qualifying for national and international Competitions / World Cup / Champions league when having the optimal genes for this sport, than if he does not. On the other hand, having bad genes for sprinting means you have the optimal genes for running a marathon.

This genetic analysis allows identifying your genetic talent for strength or endurance sport. It helps you to learn how to prevent inflammation and injuries, how to reduce the recovery time after training and how you can improve the ability to absorb oxygen through your lungs and transport it to your muscle cells.

With your personalized food lists with more than 900 food types rated by your performance potential, you have an optimal nutrition plan before, during and after a competition, for more success.

The program will help you get the most out of your genetic strengths for even better performance. Following questions will be answered in your Performance ID

  • How can you go beyond your limits to reach your career goals in sports?
  • What is the ideal ratio between fat, carbohydrates and protein for improving your performance?
  • What is the best way to gain muscles?
  • How can you protect your body from free radicals and oxidative stress?
  • How can you increase your performance in competitive sports?
Performance ID sensor
  • 31% have the perfect genetics for becoming a sprinter and have a 5 times higher chance to reach the Olympic level than the other 69%.
  • Genes control the amount of white and red muscle fibers.
  • White and red muscle fibres use different fuel (carbohydrates or fat) so depending on which you have more of you should eat different foods if you want to perform.

Your Genes provide the information about the structure of your muscle cells and your genetic talent for weight lifting and endurance sports. To increase your performance in sports, you will learn how to prevent inflammations and injuries and how important the absorption of oxygen is for your muscles.

Performance ID

Your personalized booster for your best performance!

It is known today that the increased production of free radicals during exercise can damage your tissues. In case your genes do not protect you due to genetic variations, the need for specific nutrients is significantly increased. With our approach against “One size fits all” we provide you with a personalized composition of nutrients, based on your genetic results. As an add on subscribe now for your monthly supplements to reach your sports goals even faster.