Vitality ID

Discover your body’s unique relationship to nutrition and food.

Genetic variations affect how the body reacts to certain nutrients and foods.

As your diet plays an important role for your health, we can evaluate relevant genes and provide a suitable nutrition plan that will counteract genetic weaknesses. This program gives you information about which foods can cause diseases like blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer for you.
We analyze your genes and recommend which nutrients can boost your power and reduce digestive problems for a healthy lifestyle. With your personalized food list of 900 different types of food, individually evaluated from your genetic profile, you will know exactly what to eat and not to eat for a healthy lifestyle.

Analysis of more than 50 genetic variations
Impact on more than 20 metabolic problems
Evaluation of over 900 food types based on your genes
Identify your individual needs for over 45 food ingredients
Personalized micronutrient recipe for over 18 vitamins and minerals
Evaluation of unhealthy food ingredients adapted accordingly to your genes and weightloss goal.

Through an analysis of more than 50 genes that are relevant for your nutrition, we can now determine in which areas you are well protected, and in which areas you require further support due to your metabolism. This analysis can help you avoid poorly tolerated foods and optimally provide your body with vital nutrients.

Vitality ID sensor
  • 52 genes control how we react to nutrients. What is healthy for one person can be bad for another. Some examples:
    • 5% need a significant amount of iron in their food, 0.5% are poisoning themselves with too much iron (iron overload disorder)
    • 20% of people absorb about 250mg less calcium each day due to the gene for lactose intolerance.
    • 50% are improving their HDL cholesterol with omega-3 fish oil capsules. The other 50% are making it worse.
    • 41 % of people break down caffeine quickly. For these people, coffee is healthy for heart and breast cancer. 44% break coffee down slower and 15% very slowly. For them coffee is unhealthy. Coenzyme Q10 is activated to Ubiquinol which protects the cells from toxic free radicals. This is done by a gene and works well in 66% of the population. 30% have only one working and one broken version of this gene. They activate Q10 slowly and 4% can not activate it at all. For them Q10 is not protecting their cells.
    • 67% have a normal GPX1 gene and need normal amounts of selenium. 7% have 2 broken versions of this gene, which can be remedied by a higher selenium intake. o About half of the population lacks the genes that detoxify chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals. They should avoid eating organic produce and increase mineral intake to remove heavy metals from the body.
    • 15% have a high risk of alcoholism

Vitality ID Plan

Optimize the output of your activities!

For many people with a busy lifestyle, it is not easy to follow a healthy diet that helps them obtain the vitamins and minerals they need. As an add-on, get your monthly supplements! Created to suit your unique genetic profile, it supplies more than 18 important micronutrients in the exact amounts your body requires.