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How genes influence our health

The human body consists of about 50 trillion individual cells. Most of these cells have a nucleus which contains 46 chromosomes. A chromosome consists of a very closely wound thread, the DNA “double helix”.

DNA, the genetic code, is the blueprint of the human body. This genetic code consists of approximately 3.1 billion molecules, which are each represented by a letter. About 1% of this code makes up the genes. Each gene is an instruction for the body, usually with a single function. For example, some genes tell the body how to color the iris and differences in these genes produce different eye colors. Every function of the body is controlled by one or more genes, including the way we break down food or medication.

Nobody has flawless genes. Experts estimate that each person carries about 2,000 genetic defects or genetic variations that have a negative impact on your health. These genetic variations increase the risk of diabetes, thrombosis or even cancer. They determine how to effectively remove toxins from our body, they control food intolerances such as gluten or lactose intolerance and they decide on the formation of enzymes which neutralizes the poison that we intake hrough eating, breathing, or through our skin every day.


Side effects from medication are the 5th most common cause of death in the Western world


According to your genes, you need to know the following for your ideal weight loss goals


According to your genes, you need to know the following to live a healthy lifestyle


According to your genes, you need to know the following to achieve your goals and ambitions in sports


According to your genes, you need to know the following to maintain your beauty


Find out the possibilities for a better and longer life

’’In 2001, with the completion of the Human Genome Project, we first got an insight into the entire blueprint of the human body. Since then, genetic science has grown exponentially, and we now understand a great deal about the genetic basis of diseases, the effects of drugs, the important nutrients, and the causes and differences in skin aging. Medication intolerances, which until now have simply occurred by chance and are one of the leading causes of death, can now be easily anticipated and avoided. Disease risks are detected in advance and can be effectively combated. With Novogenia we have set ourselves the goal of enabling people to take a look into their genome, to discover the reason for their own uniqueness and, above all, to achieve specific goals with this knowledge’’

Kind regards,
Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer BSc.
Founder & CEO

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Thanks to the latest technologies, it is now possible to test specific genes to determine if you have genetic traits that are linked to various diseases.

Computational biology
Genome-wide association studies
Microarray technology