Your full GeneID contains HealthID with Pharmacogenetic included, ShapeID, VitalityID, PerformanceID and BeautyID. Order your ID’s one by one or combine your possibilities in the same order and benefit from an exclusive price offer.
We offer you flexible products which can be adapted to your interests, needs and goals in life. With a simple saliva sample that can be done at home, you are getting not only exclusive information, but also tailor-made recommendations which are valid for a lifetime! As genetic science is developing rapidly, we guarantee you that your personalized recommendations are always based on the latest scientific studies.

Pharmacogenetic ID Plan
Your Body is your Temple

Health ID Plan
Medical genetic testing

Vitality ID Plan
For a healthy Lifestyle

Performance ID Plan
A booster for ambitious People

Beauty ID Plan
Support your inner beauty process

A pefect weight loss

Which questions can be answered with your gene ID?

  • You want to know your potential health risks according to your genes?
  • How can you prevent the emergence of disease like, cancer, diabetes or thrombosis?
  • Which drugs you never must use to treat serious health issues?
  • What is your tolerance level of certain drugs to avoid an overdose or toxic side effects?
  • How can you go beyond your Limits to reach your career goals in sports and business?
  • How can you strenghten your mental performance for more success?
  • How can you reduce the risk of worse perfomance under stress and pressure?
  • Which foods can cause diseases to you such as high/low blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease and even cancer?
  • Which exact quantity of vitamins your body needs JUST for YOUR well being ?
  • How to lose weight in the simplest way without even thinking about it?
  • How do you lose weight quickly and healthy?
  • What is the easiest way to reach your beauty goal?
  • How to keep your skin looking young an healthy with tailored solutions?
  • What could be your personalized possibility of a painless anti-aging therapy?

What you can find out from your Pharmacogenetic ID

Medication side effects are the fifth most common cause of death in the western world – largely caused by genetics we can test for

We test more than 60 genetic variations in more than 13 genes which are responsible for the breakdown/activation of around 2000 drugs

EVERYONE has some abnormal metabolism of some drugs while others are OK.

Especially in Antidepressants, which can take up to 6 weeks to work it is important to know before so we don’t lose 2-6 weeks for every drug we need to try out.

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What you can find out from your Shape ID

When we eat fat the body only absorbs as much as it needs. A Gene regulates the exact amount. People with this gene do not gain weight when eating more fat.

When this gene does not work (~45% of the population), the body absorbs all the fat. These people are fat sensitive.

Same with carbohydrates. Some are sensitive, others are not.

Some people lose 3 times more weight through exercise. While others lose 3x more weight through calorie reduction.

With this analysis you can lose weight with your favorite food which you can chose from your personalized list of 900 food types.

Internal test: 95% who completed the program lost 4.5kg per month on average; 2.4 times more weight loss than with a normal diet, if they followed the instructions.

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What you can find out from your Vitality ID

52 genes control how we react to nutrients and food components. What is healthy for someone, can be unhealthy for another.

99.5% need enough iron in food, 0.5% are poisoning themselves with extra iron (iron overload disorder)

50% are improving their HDL cholesterol with omega-3 fish oil capsules. The other 50% are making it worse.

41% break down caffeine quickly. For these, coffee is healthy for heart and breast cancer. 44% break it down slower and 15% very slowly. For them coffee is unhealthy. Coenzyme Q10 is activated to Ubiquinol which protects the cells from toxic free radicals. This is done by a gene and works well in 66% of the population. 30% have only one working and one broken version of this gene.

About half (50%) of the population misses the genes, that can detoxify chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals.

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What you can find out from your Performance ID

How can you go beyond your limits to reach your career goals in sports?

What is the ideal ratio between fat, carbohydrates and protein for improving your performance?

What is the best way to gain muscles?

How can you protect your body from free radicals and oxidative stress?

How can you increase your performance in competitive sports?

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What you can find out from your Beauty ID

More than 20 genes influence the aging of the skin. Like being prone to sunburn, these things are influenced by genes we have inherited.

33% have too active Collagen breakdown genes and break down collagen faster than the body can produce it. Lutein in high doses can block these too active genes.

16% break down caffeine too slowly. Caffeine blocks collagen raw material production and so caffeine is slowing down collagen removal in these people.

More than 40% have some genes which weaken their resistance to the sun’s UV rays.

About 30% have lower retention of skin hydration and need more hyaluronic acid.

About 40% have poor protection from free radicals, one of the main reasons for ageing skin.

More than 50% have a too aggressive immune system and need anti inflammatory agents to protect the skin from damaging itself.

30% are born with shorter telomeres (Chromosome ends that shorten with age) and thus have an up to 20 years higher biological age.

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What you can find out from your Health ID

BREAST HEALTH SENSOR: Detects age related breast cancer risk that does NOT show up in family history. (you can have a much higher risk than your family due to unfortunate collection of genes) Generally about 14% of woman develop breast cancer. About 50% of women have a lower risk than the average and the other ones can have a more than 6 times higher risk.

CARDIOVASCULAR SENSOR:  About 30% of people have a genetic tendency for bad cholesterol levels (High LDL cholesterol) Fish oil capsules only improve HDL cholesterol levels in about half of the population.

THROMBO SENSOR: 1 in 20 women has a genetic variation that makes her risk of Thrombosis 8 times higher.

HYPERTENSION SENSOR: 13% of people have a genetic predisposition for higher blood pressure. Eating salt is considered bad for high blood pressure.

ALZHEIMER SENSOR: 7% have a lower risk than normal, 66% have the normal risk, 24% have a high risk.

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