Novogenia Group
Network for human genetics

The Novogenia corporate group goes back to the year 2001, when the fi rst of its companies, GenoSense Diagnosti cs was founded in Austria, Vienna. Today, the Novogenia group consists of Austrian and German biotech companies that act as pioneers in the fi eld of preventi ve geneti c testi ng, molecular diagnosti cs of diseases, lifestyle geneti c testi ng, and medical food supplements. In additi on, the Novogenia Group off ers the world’s largest laboratories’ network, with more than 100 medical and genetic laboratories, and thus has a portfolio of more than 3,200 various medical genetic tests.

Our expertise

+ Automated high-tech geneti c engineering lab, with license for performing medical geneti c testi ng.
+ Network of more than 100 medical and geneti c laboratories.
+ Development of soft ware systems for laboratory management and automati on.
+ Off ering more than 3,200 diff erent geneti c tests (the world’s largest portfolio).
+ More than 3,000 internati onal physicians&hospitals, in more than 30 countries.

Affiliated companies

The Novogenia Group consists of several companies in the field of human genetics, biotechnology and food supplements. These companies include Genosense Diagnostics, the worldwide pioneer in the field of preventive genetic testing, Novogenia, an innovative technology lab, DNA Plus, the European leader in the field of preventive and lifestyle genetic testing, GenomePlus, a company focused on dietary supplements and medical products manufacturing based on individual genetic data, CDEMAC, the neonatal screening laboratory, and the two marketing companies DNA Plus Middle East and AstraGenix, serving the middle eastern and the US market respecti vely.

The Novogenia GmbH was founded by Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer in 2009, in Austria, and received in the same year the license for medical genetic testing from the Federal Ministry of Health.

In 2011, the Novogenia GmbH created the Novogenia laboratory network. Within a short time, more than 100 medical genetic laboratories were added to this network, with a portfolio of more than 3000 various medical genetic testing.

In 2012, the Novogenia GmbH took over the worldwide pioneer in preventive genetic diagnostics, GENOSENSE Diagnostics GmbH, with more than eleven years of experience in this area.

In 2013, Novogenia prepared again to extend its portfolio in new business areas, such as dietary supplements based on genetic data. This project was launched in 2014.

Since 2014, we now differentiate between the two brands DNAnutriControl (lifestyle diagnostic genetic testing) and DNAhealthControl (medical genetic testing), which we sell throughout Europe in cooperation with our partners.

The Novogenia Group is one of Europe’s market leaders in lifestyle and genetic diagnostics and a global pioneer in preventive genetic diagnostics.

Laboratory and network


+ Extensive experience in prenatal screening, cytogenetics, molecular diagnostics and genetic counseling.
+ Network of more than 100 laboratories and more than 1,000 doctors.
+ Several satellite laboratories for neonatal screening.
+ International laboratory units that can be set up anywhere depending on demand.
+ Experts with years of experience in the analysis of neonatal screening with subsequent medical counselling.

The main arguments

+ As a network with more than 100 international laboratories, we can choose the best analyses provider, guaranteeing a competitive service of the highest quality standards for each analysis.
+ German-Austrian service quality: our main laboratory is located in Austria, a country with one of the strictest laws on genetic engineering in Europe, as all medical genetic testing must be evaluated and approved by officials before their use. Therefore, the Austrian laboratories observe the highest quality standards at international level as well.
+ Intelligently designed laboratory management and automation software ensures optimal data protection and prevents errors.

Quality control

+ The laboratory is certified by the government to perform medical genetic analyzes.
+ All genetic tests are carried out according to ISO 15189 standard for medical and genetic laboratories.
+ Austria operates with stringent regulations regarding genetic testing, to ensure that the patients benefit from the highest quality standards.
+ Novogenia is fully licensed to perform medical and genetic analyzes


+ Certification of certain satellite laboratories:
ISO 9001: 2008 – Provision of services in the field of genetic screening & testing
ISO 15189
+ Certified for medical and genetic analyzes
+ Quality control of certain satellite laboratories: Six Sigma

State-of-the-art technology

+ Highly automated laboratory
+ Barcode tracking of samples
+ Fingerprint access restrictions
+ Highly secure computer system
+ Automated DNA extraction and analysis processes

Capacity: 7000 to 54000 tests per month (24/7 automated laboratory analysis operation)

What makes us special – The advantages of Novogenia



‘’In 2001, with the completion of the Human Genome Project, we first got an insight into the entire blueprint of the human body. Since then, genetics science has grown exponentially, and we now understand a great deal about the genetic basis of diseases, the effects of drugs, the important nutrients, and the causes and differences in skin aging.

So far genetics has been an innate fate to live with. Meanwhile, we know enough about it to intervene in these processes. With Novogenia we have set ourselves the goal of enabling people to take a look into their genome, to discover the reason for their own uniqueness and, above all, to achieve specific goals with this knowledge. Medication intolerances, which until now have simply occurred by chance and are one of the leading causes of death, can now be easily anticipated and avoided. Disease risks are detected in advance and can be effectively combated. Likewise, it is finally possible to find out how your body reacts to nutrients and calories and how to really feed yourself optimally. With this knowledge, innate weaknesses have become the real strengths in personalized nutrition and disease prevention’’